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Robinia Playgrounds MOTORIC MULTIPLAY


Organic Robinia Motoric multiplay complexes offers a lot of opportunities for movement, development and entertainment for all children - from toddlers to teenagers. Ecoplays' playground equipment made of Robinia wood are high quality, massive and impressive.

robinia playgrounds motoric

Robinia playgrounds SHIPS


Robinia Ship 16101 - See videoDownload product page - See more ships

Ecoplays’ own unique, innovative design, safety expertise, and traditional handcrafted procedures make Ecoplays’ products attractive, durable, and safe. The equipment for children is produced according to EN 1176. The equipment for adults and teens is produced according to EN 16630.

Robinia street workout equipment



Robinia street workout equipment is especially strong and stable.

As robinia street workout equipment looks completely natural it creates a very attractive contrast with urban areas. The result is that  robinia street workout equipment installed in urban areas makes a very modern looking space. As well as in rural areas robinia street workout equipment blends in perfectly. So it is siutable both for natural looking rural areas as well as for modern looking urban areas.

Robinia playground


Exciting, engaging and challenging playground equipment is important to keep children happy while developing their learning abilities and this is exactly what our models offer. Our own innovative design (Copyright protected), safety expertise (TÜV certified experts) and traditional handcrafted procedures (hand-made) make our products attractive, durable and safe as they are all produced according to EN 1176. Our company is the receiver of many certificates of credibility and reliability that only companies with excellent product quality and high ethical standards have.

Robinia playgrounds Play Value


When we design a new piece of Ecoplay Robinia Playground Equipment our main focus is on how the kids will enjoy playing on it, and it will be safe - produced according to EN 1176.

So every effort and design choice is submitted to this goal. In fact already installed Ecoplay Robinia Playgrounds shows us that the children play on them even when the weather is cold, it's about to rain and almost dark. As a European producer of hand-made robinia playgrounds we are delighted to see that the children are happy on the playground equipment we make as they really have a lot to do on it. A lot of options and a lot of levels of difficulty. We love to see them grow in their abilities, getting more skilled every day, experiencing success. Not giving up, being persistent.

For this the Motoric Multiplay models for robinia playgrounds are excellent. To the bigger models as 17102 and 17101:

Robinia SWINGS


Robinia Playgrounds DIDACTIC & MUSIC


robinia train

robinia train

Train 19101 - Download product page


Robinia Playgrounds HIGH CLIMBERS