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Robinia Motoric parks by Ecoplay give space and the opportunity for the whole family to move, have fun, develop and experience completely new situations together. Motoric parks are environments that make all this possible and bring valuable benefits to a society that becomes healthier, smarter and happier with each visit to the motoric park.

Motoric parks can consist of elements that are safely made as a children's playground equipment (age 0 to 14 years are covered by the safety standard EN 1176) or as permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment (age period 14+ is covered by the safety standard EN 16630).

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Ecoplay robinia playground equipment is especially strong, stable, durable and attractive.

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Children want and need Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay that promotes a lot of motoric action and allows a lot of movement, fun, challenges, development and socializing.

Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay offers the children different levels of difficulty, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone into an unknown and try something new. All Ecoplay's Robinia Playground equipment meet the requirements of the EN 1176 safety standard, but nevertheless allow the kids to grow in their abilities. Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay give the children the opportunity to assess their abilities and play beyond their limits, take care of their own development, expand their boundaries and at the same time gain self-affirmation. Such a child is willing to try reaching new goals and believes in himself, so he is curious and willing to learn new things over and over again.

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Robinia playgrounds for the development of motor skills - Robinia workout equipment for adults - Robinia massive and innovative play & workout equipment for teenagers - Robinia didactic playground equipment with instruments for toddlers: ALL TAILORED TO YOUR SPACE, NEEDS AND RESOURCES! Lots of exercise and fun for even more active, healthy and happy users of all ages! Contact us! We or your local re-seller are happy to prepare an offer tailored to your space, resources and age group.

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Exciting, engaging and challenging playground equipment is important to keep children happy while developing their learning abilities and this is exactly what our models offer. Our own innovative design (Copyright protected), safety expertise (TUV certified experts) and traditional handcrafted procedures (hand-made) make our products attractive, durable and safe as they are all produced according to EN 1176. Our company is the receiver of many certificates of credibility and reliability that only companies with excellent product quality and high ethical standards have.

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Children want and need Motoric Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay that allow them a lot of movement, fun, challenges, development and socializing.

Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay challenges the children over and over again, encouraging the to step out of their comfort zone into the unknown and test themself in something new. All Motoric Playgrounds by Ecoplay made of Robinia wood meet the requirements of the EN 1176 safety standard and still allow the children to improve their skills over and over again, to show their abilities, to overcome some fear or to do something new that they haven't done before. Motoric Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay help to release tension and energy, children train in endurance and agility and at the same time, strengthen athletic skills and gain self-confidence while mastering their body in motion. 

Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay


Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay are designed to offer your children an organic play area that allows the maximal development of all their skills.

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Robinia Playgrounds 1-4 years


Robinia Playgrounds for children from 1 to 4 years of age

The Montessori Project Story - Equipment for organic Robinia playgrounds 

In the spring of 2014 we designed the first polygon for the development of children from 1 to 4 years of age from Robinia hardwood. No such type of playground equipment was found on the market till than - we researched in the years before the international fairs in Köln and Nürnberg and the internet. To evaluate this novelty we contacted the nearest Montessori kindergarden and showed them our first sketches of this original idea for Robinia playgrounds. Their reaction was: »We have not seen anything like this before and it really is what the children of the age from 1 to 4 years needs for the maximal development of all their skills. We would love to have this organic Robinia playground equipment in our kindergarden!« This respons was a confirmation to us that we were on the right path. In May 2014 the first polygon was produced and installed for testing reasons.

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