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Robinia playground


Exciting, engaging and challenging playground equipment is important to keep children happy while developing their learning abilities and this is exactly what our models offer.

Our innovative design (Copyright protected), safety expertise (TÜV certified) and traditional handcrafted procedures (hand-made) make our products attractive, durable and safe as they are all produced according to EN 1176.

Our company is the receiver of many certificates of credibility and reliability that only companies with excellent product quality and high ethical standards have.

From a revolutionary concept...

We are presenting to you our own revolution in the conception and production of Robinia playground equipment. We imagined an organic robinia playground that offers more activities for kids and fits well also in the city centre. So we developed our models as a way to make this possible. The shape difference between the naturally curved posts and the completely straight boards creates a pleasant symphony that is very attractive also in the modern urban environment.

... to unique playgrounds ...

Looking through our catalogs you will see models that offers maximal opportunities for movement and development for children of all ages.

... for long term satisfaction ...

As we want our play equipment to be very durable, we produce them from hardwood. Robinia is the only European wood in resistance class 1 in line with DIN 68364 and class 1-2 according to EN 350-2. This class of wood is called “very durable” and it has a life service of 20 years and more. Robinia wood is also very hard (7,560 N), but at the same time very tough and elastic. Less hard woods than Robinia are: Teak 4,740 N, Iroko 5,610 N, English Oak 4,980 N, Scots Pine 2,420 N. Robinia wood playground equipment will withstand many generations of children playing.

... while preserving nature.

Robinia wood has a high content of natural preservatives such as tannic acid, which means that we do not treat the wood with chemicals. In line with EN 1176 Robinia wood can be used for the construction of children’s play equipment without chemical wood protection. As the wood ages beautifully - darkens to grey, you don’t need to never paint it. On the other hand the equipment can be adjusted to the local urban design by adding natural colours just on some component parts.


From expertise ...

Ms. Vesna Duval, product developer and international sales and Mr. Mitja Baša, quality control and purchasing are both TÜV certified as experts for Playground safety: building, installation, maintenance and inspection of the area, according to the European standard EN 1176.

... to hand made masterpieces ...

The owners of the company Mr. Mitja Baša and Ms. Vesna Duval are surrounded with competent co-workers in the production and in the office. The team that produces the equipment is well-trained to make hand made masterpieces. Our black locust equipment is completely pre-assembled in production and disassambled for transport. This innovation brings lower transport costs and a very simple installation.

... for premium quality products ...

Our modern design, safety expertise and traditional handcrafted procedures together with top quality materials make our products attractive, durable and safe. Robinia playgrounds offers long durability that only requires little maintenance as Robinia is Europes’ most durable wood. The Robinia wood that we use is special: it grows very slowly on dry sites so we are able to use slimmer posts and achieve the attractive look that the urban scenes requires.

... and trustworthy business relationships.

We are the receivers of the certificates AAA and Excellent SME for the best companies with quality products and high ethical standards. The certificates are an evidence of credibility and reliability.

We invite you to trust the equipping of your playground in our hands! Feel free to write us so we can engage in your project.

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