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Robinia Playgrounds for children from 1 to 4 years of age

The Montessori Project Story - Equipment for organic Robinia playgrounds 

In the spring of 2014 we designed the first polygon for the development of children from 1 to 4 years of age from Robinia hardwood. No such type of playground equipment was found on the market till than - we researched in the years before the international fairs in Köln and Nürnberg and the internet. To evaluate this novelty we contacted the nearest Montessori kindergarden and showed them our first sketches of this original idea for Robinia playgrounds. Their reaction was: »We have not seen anything like this before and it really is what the children of the age from 1 to 4 years needs for the maximal development of all their skills. We would love to have this organic Robinia playground equipment in our kindergarden!« This respons was a confirmation to us that we were on the right path. In May 2014 the first polygon was produced and installed for testing reasons.

attrezzature per parchi gioco

attrezzature per parchi gioco in legno di robinia

equipements de jeux robinia

oprema za dječja igrališta

organic robinia playgrounds

In June 2014 we tested the organic Robinia polygon with children using it and a Montessori kindergarden teacher observing their play. We asked her to describe the reasons why this polygon is good for children that uses it and she wrote an extensive professional report that in the short says this:

»This unique polygon allows:

1. The development of movement and functional abilities and skills

- Awareness of their own bodies and their motor skills abilities.

- Adjustment of movement requires the ability of the individual.

- Development of coordination, speed, precision and power.

- The acquisition of several sports and knowledge about movement.

- Developing spatial orientation.

2. Emotional Development

- Releasing tension, relief and pleasures emotions (getting self-condence and self-esteem, experience the satisfaction ...).

- Overcoming conflicts and problems.

- Goal achievement.

3. Cognitive Development

- Development of sensation and perception.

- Learning about and exploring the environment.

- Developing imagination and creativity on the locomotor area.

- Problem solving and development of social cognition.

4. Personal development

- Accustomes to self-determination and development of autonomy.

- Children get to know themselves, gain self-condence and improve self-esteem.

- Learn about the world, different applications and entering the adult world.

5. Social and moral development

- Integration and foster communication.

- Development of social competence (developing perseverance, order and discipline, mutual

cooperation, understanding and respect for others).

- Development of self-control (e.g., excessive aggressiveness, impulsivity).

- Conquering social rules and norms.«

Than we understood that our simple idea for new Robinia playgrounds was something really great!

robinia playgrounds toodlers

So we tested the polygon in conformity with EN 1176 with Bureau Veritas, that is the leading international company in testing playground equipment in Slovenia. From there on the success began as this organic Robinia polygon is one of our best-sellers. The clients in our country let us know that they were totaly satisfied with their purchase. Than we expanded our equipment for Robinia playgrounds to other European markets through our re-sellers and this polygon was the first Robinia playground equipment that we loaded for export. The City of Madrid, the capital city of Spain, recognized the great value that this organic Robinia polygon has and wanted it for their children.

robinia playground equipment

In 2020 we designed a new set of this polygon which I am presenting you in this picture:

robinia playground equipment toodlers

We invite you to buy our equipment for Robinia playgrounds, throught our representative in your country, to offer your children an organic playground equipment that allows the maximal development of all their skills.

robinia playgrounds kindergarden

When we tested the polygon, with children using it, the most important thing for us was seeing the children stepping boldly and conquering the challenges that this Robinia playground equipment set before them. And the smile at the top – when achieving the goals! This was an extremelly strong motivation for us to keep developing equipment for Robinia playgrounds for children 1-4, for older children 3+ and 6+ and for adults in the street workout and trim trail section.

robinia playgrounds 3

sprave za dječja igrališta

Ecoplay equipment for Robinia playgrounds is a great purchase because of the extraordinary:

• quality: organic Robinia hardwood, handmade, Hercules ropes/nets and metal slides that are manufactured in Germany, PE slides that are manufactured in Italy,

• strength: massive organic playground equipment, strong and stable connections between parts,

• durability: Robinia hardwood pillars that are naturally durable up to 20 years, without painting,

• long-term children satisfaction: each play offers a lot of different activities, varying degrees of difficulty and attractive composition according to the top European trends,


• long-term buyer satisfaction: our equipment for Robinia playgrounds offers the longest life span of the European woods and the lowest possible maintenance costs through the whole the life span of the equipment.

robinia playgrounds ecoplay

With great satisfaction of our clients and users, we have already equipped many Robinia playgrounds with organic playground equipment. Customers recommendations, pictures and videos are available on our web pages.

robinia playgrounds producer

Our Robinia playground equipment is designed and produced according to the newest version of  EN 1176.

We invite you to buy our top quality, hand made, completely natural, organic Robinia playground equipment. Feel free to write us an email and we will put you in touch with our nearest representative.

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