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Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay


Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay are designed to offer your children an organic play area that allows the maximal development of all their skills.

Just to list some:

- Development of coordination, speed, precision and power,

- Getting self-confidence and experiencing satisfaction when achieving the goals,

- Developing imagination and creativity in the locomotor area,

- Developing perseverance, order, cooperation and respect for others,

- and Development of self-control.

When standing on an Ecoplay Robinia playground the impact is very strong as each pillar was a tree trunk before. The natural shape of the pillars united with the extreme care for the details brings you to an unforgettable playground that awakens amazement and enthusiasm.

Robinia Playgrounds Motoric

With great satisfaction of our clients and users, we have already equipped many playgrounds with Robinia playgrounds by Ecoplay. 

As each Robinia play offers a lot of different activities, varying degrees of difficulty and an attractive composition according to the top European trends the long-term children's satisfaction is guaranteed.

As Robinia hardwood pillars are naturally durable up to 20 years, without painting, Ecoplay Robinia playground equipment offers the longest life span of the European wood spieces and the lowest possible maintenance costs through the whole the life span of the equipment. With this we reach the long-term buyer's satisfaction.

Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay are a great purchase also because of the extraordinary strength, component parts quality and looks.

Robinia Playgrounds Ecoplay

Ecoplay Robinia playground equipment is massive, with strong and stable connections between the parts.
The plays are handmade.
For the nets Hercules ropes are used, which are manufactured in Germany as well as the metal slides.
The PE slides are manufactured in Italy.
All component parts are high quality and made in Europe.

Robinia playgrounds by Ecoplay equipment is designed and produced according to the safety standard EN 1176.

We invite you to buy our top quality, hand made, completely natural Robinia playground equipment to offer your children a play that allows the maximal development of all their skills.

Feel free to write us to and our nearest representative will contact you.

Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay

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