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Robinia Motoric parks by Ecoplay give space and the opportunity for the whole family to move, have fun, develop and experience completely new situations together. Motoric parks are environments that make all this possible and bring valuable benefits to a society that becomes healthier, smarter and happier with each visit to the motoric park.

Motoric parks can consist of elements that are safely made as a children's playground equipment (age 0 to 14 years are covered by the safety standard EN 1176) or as permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment (age period 14+ is covered by the safety standard EN 16630).

Robinia Motoric parks by Ecoplay are therefore composed with interesting and diverse elements that will challenge all age groups. Because our elements are made manually and individually (not mechanically and automatically), we can adapt each element for a selected age group of users. Motoric parks are expanding rapidly across Europe, as awareness of the importance of movement and motor development is growing.

Movement and play are processes that our brains love to perform and are a source of pleasure and relaxation. Children who are motor-skilled and have a good command of various motor skills are able to quickly and well acquire new, sometimes very specific skills, which also facilitate their cognitive development. In addition, exercise games are the most fun and easiest way to maintain fitness and prevent obesity in both children and adults. Any improvement in balance and skill of body movement, improvement of rhythm and coordination of movement, and improvement of control of body movement is very valuable for any person.

Robinia Motoric parks by Ecoplay are suitable for every individual, regardless of age, sports fitness or gender, as the user can fully adjust the way of training to suit him. Robinia Motoric parks consist of elements for all phases of training: warm-up, fitness training, mobility, balance, strength and cooling.

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